Program selection

A program selection per laundry program is not possible.
Our price settings work per machine and are equal to each laundry program.

There are two simple reasons for this:

Reason 1: the price setting.

In the rate of 55% – 35% – 10% for 40° – 60° – 90° Celsius, the price setting would be €4,00 – €4,50 – €5,00.
If you would choose to charge €4,50 for each of the programs, your net returns would be 5% higher on average.

Reason 2: development costs.

If we were to make the software adjustments to create a program like this, it would result in high development costs, due to a lot of work. If a laundry machine’s developer were to change it’s machine’s software, this would eventually lead to us having to redevelop our software as well. This would naturally lead to more investment in development and a higher product pricetag.

These are two reasons for us not to apply program selection. The collection efficiency of your investment would be earned back twice as fast.

Drying program options

For tumble drying, there are two options:

Option 1:
Tumble dry program, in case of humidity-measuring. A fixed price would be applied, regardless of the drying program that will be selected.

Option 2:
Time-drying. This is the usual application. Your customer is allowed to select from a set of timed programs, pre-selected by you.

An example: you program a standard time of 10 minutes, followed by additional time-periods of 4 minutes. The program would always take 10 minutes and can be prolonged by any amount of 4 minute time-periods by your customer.

The standard pricing would be €2,50 for the first 10 minutes and another €0,50 per added 4 minutes.

Your sum would be:
Standard time of 10 minutes costs €2,50 and every added time-period of 4 minutes costs €0,50. If the customer chooses to use the tumble-dryer for 18 minutes, the customer would pay a total amount of €2,50+€0,50+€0,50=€3,50.

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