We can start practically any machine through our payment system. The programming within the central unit is manageable for diverse machines; for laundry and drying, it’s included standardly. Per example, you could think of application in stables; washing and drying the horse’s cloth and the horse laundry, solarium and high-pressure, all started through the same payment system.
For a camping, there are various options as well; charging posts for campers, showers and dishwashers. In a student environment, you could consider linking with a student card, payments in cafeterias and access to restricted areas. The possibilities are as good as endless.

How does it work?

The customer makes a choice on the central unit and pays. The central unit manages all of the linked assignments, from payment to starting the machine of choice.
Every linked machine communicates wirelessly with the central unit. This way, the system is able to work individually and will not disrupt the existing network.

What do we need?

  • 1x WCD 220-240 Volts ~
  • A network connection connected to the internet
  • A mobile data connection; we will install a 3G or 4G modem. In any location with too much interference by wireless networks (either mobile or Wi-Fi) we might be forced to connect the machines through the use of a UTP cable, to prevent unnecessary disruption.

Extra options

  • In larger locations, we can install a bigger screen with a map of all the connected machines.
  • SMS messages when a program is done (extra costs are provided with SMS messages).
  • A web based portal, on which all the machines are visualized with entitled data. Revenue of all locations together, per location, per machine, year, month, day or hour.
  • Signals when soap reservoirs run empty. This is only possible with an automatic soap dispensary and the dispensary system has to support the option.


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