Management tool

What can I see and manage.

Customisations to be done by yourself:

  • Text on display of central unit
  • Alternating prices
  • Alternating time-periods for tumble-drying
  • 8 time-periods a day or week can be customized for happy hours, individually for each machine
  • (beta) Closing time per day, for instance no machine activity after 9PM.
  • (beta) Temporarily take any machine out of order, for instance in need of a service round.

What can I see

You can follow your locations through a web based interface on any computer, anywhere in the world.

You can also narrow your observation, for instance per location or machine.

-all of your locations on one screen-








Revenue and the usage amount of all your locations, per location or per machine

-Revenue and usage amount of all of your locations. This can also be visualized per machine-











What is the current activation per location

-activation for each machine in realtime-






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